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Is it Safe to DIY Axle Repair?

Is it Safe to DIY Axle Repair?

The Axle of your vehicle is what transfers power to the wheels. With a broken axle, your vehicle won’t go anywhere. This means that getting your axle repaired is of vital importance. 

It’s hard to give an exact costing on how much an axle repair job would be. Front axles are often cheaper but rear axle repairs tend to cost more. Repair jobs also highly differ from place to place. The price can also greatly differ depending on the make, model, and year of vehicle you drive. Nothing else affects the repair cost more than this. Cars that are rare, performance sort of vehicles like a Bugatti Chiron will definitely have a more expensive repair bill, than say a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. It is definitely the best advice to choose a mechanic that you know and trust would give you a fair costing. If you are looking for a safe mechanic online, definitely check their reviews. 

Can you Drive Safely with a Bad Axle?

Axles are made to be sturdy. But due to its location on the underside of the car, it is vulnerable to damage. Axles also serve to bear the weight of the vehicle, its passengers and cargo. Therefore, overloading your vehicle can add stress to the axle. Other possible causes of axle problems can also be bad bearings, bad bumps and potholes. Axles are subject to high levels of stress over time and will eventually require replacement or repair. 

The fact that you still can drive with this problem doesn’t mean that you should drive with this problem. The longer you put stress on a bent axle, the more likely it is that you’re going to end up breaking it.

Whether you choose to risk it by fixing it yourself or by trusting a professional mechanic, it is best to get your axles checked asap when you see signs of them failing. Signs that your axle may be damaged include excessive vibration or ‘bumpy’ feeling, grease on the inside or edges of your car, rhythmic knocking or clunking sounds, and clicking noises when turning. Driving with a damaged axle is risky because it can completely fail at any point. This means you can suddenly lose control of your vehicle and possibly cause a collision or a crash. 

DIY Car Axle Replacement

Axle repairs are a fairly advanced type of car repair. For starters, you will need to get your car secure on a jack stand so you can get underneath it. This is not something everyone can do. But if you are confident enough due to having experience in the past of getting other home repairs on your vehicle done through some technical know-how and the ability, then maybe you can get it done by yourself.  

It would be best to find step by step guide videos online to walk you through the whole process. Also, make sure that you have the exact right axle to fit your vehicle. Having the right fit is very important, and if done wrong it can cause serious problems with your steering wheel alignment. It would be a good idea to have your alignment checked too once you have fitted the axle on your own. 

Still, if you’re not comfortable doing this kind of work on your own, it’s best to go to a professional mechanic to get it done. As we said this is definitely a more advanced repair so if you’re new to vehicle DIY repair, this is probably not a good place to start.

Need Axle Repair? Call the Experts

Leaving your safety up to chance is never a good option. If you observe these signs while driving, have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired immediately. Call the experts at Axle Surgeons. Axle Surgeons has been in the business of axle repairs since 1972 and continues to be the top choice in the industry with their patented high quality repair process. 

They serve customers all over Northern California including Sacramento, Southern Oregon  and the surrounding areas. Axle Surgeons can even come to your shop in these areas to repair your damaged axle, knuckle, or king pin to keep you safe from having to drive with problems in your vehicle. To view, there is a full list of their services visit their website: or call 877-999-2953(AXLE) or 707-321-3728 to get a free Quote and find out how Axle Surgeons can repair your damaged axles.

Since 1972, the Axle Surgeons™ have been using an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles.

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