Please note: We do not provide axle service or repair for cars and small pickup trucks.

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About Axle Surgeons

Since 1972, the Axle Surgeons™ have been using an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles. As a certified Axle Surgeon™, our axle spindle repair service can repair damaged axles of all types of vehicles, including trucks, motor homes, buses, garbage trucks, 18 wheelers, and even off-road vehicles. Any damaged axle or damaged kingpin from type of vehicle ranging from a three quarter ton and up can be repaired by our king pin repair service.

Our patented axle spindle repair service is located in Northern California and includes a wide area from Sacramento up to the Oregon border. We repair axles and damaged spider plates, even providing a custom fit on many makes and models even if your vehicle is obsolete.

Call or contact the Axle Surgeons™ of Northern California  and find out how we can repair your damaged axles.

Since 1972, the Axle Surgeons™ have been using an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles.

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