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Is it Safe to DIY Axle Repair?

Category: Automotive | Published: July 1, 2021

Whether you choose to risk it by fixing it yourself or by trusting a professional mechanic, it is best to get your axles checked asap when you see signs of them failing.

Discover How to Avoid Vehicle's Axle Damage

Category: Automotive | Published: May 26, 2021

f you observe these signs while driving, have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired immediately. Call the experts at Axle Surgeons, the top choice in the industry.

Three Common Signs That Your Vehicle's Axles Need Repair

Category: Automotive | Published: April 20, 2021

Following are some common signs you can look out for to alert you that your vehicle’s axle may need attention. Clunking or Clicking Noises Excessive Vibrations Grease Leaks

Top 5 Reasons to Go to Axle Surgeons for Your Truck Axle Repairs

Category: Automotive | Published: March 30, 2021

The best choice for your truck axle issues would be to call the experts at Axle Surgeons. They have been in the business of Axle repairs in Northern California and parts since 1972.

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