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Top 5 Reasons to Go to Axle Surgeons for Your Truck Axle Repairs

5 Reasons To Go To Axle Surgeons Of CA For Your Truck Axle Repair

The Axle of your vehicle is what transfers power to the wheels. With a broken axle, your vehicle won’t go anywhere. And having a damaged axle is a risk to your life and safety. Signs that your axle may be damaged includes excessive vibration or ‘bumpy’ feeling, grease on the inside or edges of your car, rhythmic knocking or clunking sounds, and clicking noises when turning. Driving with a damaged axle is risky because it can completely fail at any point. This means you can suddenly lose control of your vehicle and possibly cause a collision or a crash. 

Leaving your safety up to chance is never a good option. If you observe these signs while driving your vehicle, the far better choice would be to have the problem diagnosed and repaired immediately. The best choice for your truck axle issues would be to call the experts at Axle Surgeons. Axle Surgeons has been in the business of Axle repairs in Northern California and parts of Southern Oregon since 1972 and continue to be the top choice in the industry and here are the reasons why:

  • Patented High Quality Repair

Axle Surgeons use an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles. Axle Surgeons has a patented  system. Axle eyes are machine bored with 100% accuracy without the need to remove the axle itself.  Work can be completed on-site, on your vehicle. The sleeves are only .050 (fifty thousandths) wall thickness which ensures original axle integrity with minimal materials removed. Better than factory tolerances are achieved upon completion of this process, giving you peace of mind for the long haul. 

  • Fast and Reliable

Axle Surgeons does not take any shortcuts. These experts can completely disassemble your hub and wheel end assembly.  All of the work will be completed in hours instead of days, even when additional axle eye or knuckle problems arise. All knuckles and axle eyes are measured for proper tolerances. Axle Surgeon’s patented drive axle boring machines have been time tested and proven to be the most reliable axle spindle repair process in the world. And their patented trailer axle repair service, will have you back on the road in only a few hours. 

  • Expert Professional Team

Whatever the prognosis and diagnosis of your vehicle, the service team at Axle Surgeons are professionals ready to repair damaged axles of all types of vehicles, including trucks, motor homes, buses, garbage trucks, 18 wheelers, and even off-road vehicles. Each service technician at Axle Surgeons has been trained to provide the high quality, patented service that your vehicles might need at the fastest time they can be completed. 

  • Top Tier Customer Service

Axle Surgeons puts the customers safety first. They take the utmost care in the repairs you need to make sure that you can drive safe and have peace of mind. This is why if you are worried about driving your vehicles to their service stations due to your vehicle’s possible damage, then be at ease. The friendly team of Axle Surgeons are ready to come to your aid. Axle Surgeons will come to you and provide the services you need at your location! 

  • Affordable Pricing

High quality service does not always mean you need to break your bank. Axle Surgeons takes pride in providing top tier service at very competitive prices. You cannot put a price on road safety, and at Axle Surgeons, the cost is not a cause for worry. 

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Axle Surgeons serve customers all over Northern California including Sacramento, Southern Oregon  and the surrounding areas and will come to your shop in these areas to repair your damaged axle, knuckle, or king pin. Call today 877-999-2953(AXLE) or 707-321-3728 to get a Free Quote and find out how we can repair your damaged axles.

Since 1972, the Axle Surgeons™ have been using an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles.

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