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Three Common Signs That Your Vehicle’s Axles Need Repair

Common Signs That Your Vehicle’s Axles Need Repair

Without axles, your vehicle would not be able to take you anywhere. Axles are rods or shafts that transfer the power created by the engine and the torque from the transmission to the tires. To put it simply, the axle enables your wheels to go round and round. 

Because of their very important function, axles are made to be sturdy. But due to their location on the underside of the car, they are vulnerable to damage. Axles also serve to bear the weight of the vehicle, its passengers, and cargo. Therefore, overloading your truck or vehicle can add stress to the axle. Other possible causes of axle problems can also be bad bearings, bad bumps, and potholes. 

Axles are subject to high levels of stress over time and will eventually require replacement or repair. Luckily, there are some common signs you can look out for to alert you that your vehicle’s axle may need attention. 

Clunking or Clicking Noises

When a vehicle’s axle is damaged, it will strain to move. If you hear sudden sputtering or clunking noises when you put your car into gear, it means your truck is struggling to transfer power to the wheels. Another noise that is indicative of a damaged axle is an audible clicking noise when turning due to loose joints. It’s a steady clicking, tapping, or whirring noise as the car accelerates. The sharper the turn, the more pronounced and audible the click would be on the side of the faulty shaft. 

Excessive Vibrations

Excessive vibrations that can even be visible while driving is another sign that your vehicle may have a damaged axle. These vibrations can be more noticeable when accelerating, decelerating, and turning. Unusual rumbling noise from underneath the vehicle could also possibly be heard along with an odd tire wobbling or slugging sensation while driving or steering. Driving with a vehicle or truck under these conditions is definitely unsafe. If you experience this while driving your truck, it would be best to contact professional mechanics like the Axle Surgeons in Northern California to come to you to inspect and repair your vehicle properly.

Grease Leaks

Grease on the inside edge of the tires or on the underside of the vehicle is also a common sign of axle problems. Usually, this means that there is a tear on the axle boot, which is a rubber cover protecting the axle. Having a torn axle boot does not immediately mean that the vehicle’s axle is damaged but if the axle lacks grease to spin due to the leak, it can cause more damage in the future. Not to mention, splattering grease on the underside of a vehicle can even damage its brake system.

Axles are as important to a properly functioning vehicle and vehicle safety as the engine, steering system, brakes, and tires are. Make sure to have your vehicle’s axles checked and inspected during vehicle maintenance to avoid further damage.

Have Your Damaged Axles Fixed Fast!

Leaving your safety up to chance is never a good option. If you observe these signs while driving, have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired immediately. Call the experts at Axle Surgeons. Axle Surgeons has been in the business of axle repairs since 1972 and continues to be the top choice in the industry with their patented high-quality repair process. 

They serve customers all over Northern California including Sacramento, Southern Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Axle Surgeons can even come to your shop in these areas to repair your damaged axle, knuckle, or kingpin to keep you safe from having to drive with problems in your vehicle. To view a full list of their services visit their website: or call 877-999-2953(AXLE) or (707) 321-3728 to get a free quote and find out how Axle Surgeons can repair your damaged axles.

Since 1972, the Axle Surgeons™ have been using an exclusive axle eye repair process on damaged axles and spindles.

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